Eventually all real estate investors struggle with the same issues….

"I'm sick and tired of the toilets, tenants, trash, and termites " - we all mutter it eventually...

But there are 3 primary reasons we keep putting up with all the headaches, we just don’t know how to solve these problems:


There is a better way!!! We have the nation’s leading financial and tax experts to help you overcome these hurdles so you can have more fun, make more money, have more time, and less headaches! Team up with acclaimed national media experts featured in outlets such as:

Set up a free consultation now and receive a Tax Advantaged E-Book discussing our top strategies. We will help you analyze your current returns, and will share with you the best tax advantaged way to increase your return on equity, and reduce your headaches. After understanding your goals we will formulate a personalized plan to maximize liquidity (tax-free cash) when you sell and strategize to increase your CashFlow and Net Worth Accumulation in the safest and most secure way possible. In our free E-Book you will learn the ins and outs of some of the top strategies and how to navigate requirements to feel comfortable that you have the best possible plan and strategy in place.

Why CashFlow Corner Capital, how can you help me???

They say nothing is certain but death and taxes….

However, I have also heard it said that it is called a tax CODE for a reason, if you crack it you keep the money. Or who knows, maybe you think your silent partner Uncle Sam is a better steward of your money, I am sure he is better at spending it than you are!!! Seriously though, we totally believe in giving to Cesar what is Caesar's but the second part of the statement is the important part…. An ancient wise-man said that “the way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but wise men listen to advice.” And “where there is no guidance, people fall, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”


Think of your CPA like a family practice doctor. They help with tax returns, entity formation, bookkeeping, payroll and a whole host of things. But the tax code is 2,652 pages long and constantly changing, no mere mortal can master it all. We Are Tax Oncologists, when you sell investment real estate and businesses you have to deal with Tax Cancer.

Just like your family practice doctor doesn’t treat you for cancer, but rather would refer you to an oncologist, we are the tax cancer specialists.

We have been solving these problems for investors just like you for years while working with their current CPAs and Tax Attorneys to make sure things get done right. Our strategic partners have taught over 10,000 tax professionals over the past 10 years on these topics.

We will even pay your CPA’s hourly rate to go over your options with them to make sure they are onboard and you are getting the best advice possible!

If it is time to graduate from the headaches of tenants, toilets, termites, trash and crushed sewer pipes (I don’t know about you but mine only seem to crush when I am on vacation), sell at the top, and let Lebron James shoot that buzzer beater 3 point shot to with the championship game rather than try to do it yourself….then click the button below. We will set up a 100% no obligation call and send you a free E-Book with the ins and outs of tax advantaged investing.

It is an excellent time to sell, but a really hard time to find a decent deal.

There is no denying that it is an amazing time to sell real estate right now. But on the other hand, it is extremely difficult to find even a halfway decent replacement. By working with our massive private deal network of top developers and institutional sponsors around the country and having them customize offerings to cater to specific tax codes and strategies, we can offer next level solutions to solve the biggest issues inventors face when they sell.

Just like an independent insurance broker who can help you shop out the best policy, we are independent and work with 200 of the best and highest quality sponsors in the country. Asset classes such as:

  • Multi-Family
  • Self-Storage
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Hotels
  • Oil and Gas
  • Alternative Energy

We truly go to bat for you and find you the best deals that meet your timelines, preferences, specific necessities and circumstances. We have developers in every market, in every asset class. Superior assets that very few of us could buy on our own, but we help you trade up and team up with the best of the best. These sponsors have 100’s of years experience on their management team and are vertically integrated. These institutional guys aren’t guessing, they have the teams and connections to find the best deals and execute on the best strategies.

Apartment building complex

But what if I want to stay active… “I don’t trust NOBODY with my investments….”

We get it, we used to think the same way too. Some of our clients claim to be the smartest they have ever been with more human capital and better connections around them than ever. They also feel well capitalized, and they feel they are capable of doing bigger and better things. And so we help them accomplish those goals in a more tax friendly way.

If you are an active Real Estates Investor, we can even shelter your regular income through a program we can pretty much guarantee you have never heard of!

But I dare you, ask us for an example of what we are doing with our cash investments and I guarantee that you will have to think twice. “It has to be too good to be true” is what you will say, then you will get mad at me because you haven't heard of it before…

Protecting Your Capital is Priority Number One!!!

As Warren Buffet famously said, “the first rule of an investment is don’t lose. And the second rule of an investment is don’t forget the first rule.”

First of all, we never touch a penny of your hard-earned capital. Everything is federally regulated, and we hire multiple independent research and due diligence firms across the country. These firms are composed of top accountants and attorneys that go line by line to thoroughly vet every deal presented to you. This includes criminal and financial background checks of the entire management team of the sponsors and developers. They also stress test all assumptions and calculations to make sure they hold up in stressful market conditions and review all partnership documents. In the E-Book we include an in-depth look at all the checks and balances to make sure your hard-earned capital is safe.

Moreover, the institutional sponsors always have skin in the game and have their money invested alongside yours. They would never torch their own money to burn up yours.

But keep in mind, if you just pay the taxes and cash out you are 100% guaranteed to lose at a minimum 23.8% and it will take years to get back to where you started.

So, How do we do it?

You are most likely familiar with Tax Code 1031.  But did you know there are a dozen other codes that work in a similar way to Code 1031 that are lesser known but depending on your circumstances work equally well or better?  These will most likely be new to your tax advisors as well, and we coach them up, so they are also comfortable.

Plus, if a 1031 is the best option, finding properties that pencil out to 1031 into is extremely difficult in this current environment, we can also help you identify properties. We have access to a vast private deal network across most asset classes and if it is time to slow down and graduate from all the headaches, we can help you put your money to work alongside the best operators in the country.

Knowing what to do is only part of it. The execution of the plan is the difficult part. Unfortunately, sometimes investors find us too late. We work with people all the time that have blown up 1031 exchanges for one reason or another, but we also have backup plans and can help them sidestep massive tax consequences and salvage what otherwise would have been lost.

How do we get paid?

We never touch a penny of your money and don’t charge for our consultations. We are compensated by the sponsors for raising capital. If you invest $1 Million, the full $1 Million goes to work for you, we don’t take anything off the top for management fees or anything like that. The sponsors compensate us for capital raising for them.


But wait……there's more!

Many of our clients end up with Estate Tax issues because we helped them keep so much wealth in the family. We have solutions for Estate Taxes too if passing your assets to the people you care about the most is of concern. With the new estate tax thresholds ready to drop to $5M in 2026 this is set to affect a lot more people soon.

Also, many times children of landlords saw all the headaches and the midnight emergency calls growing up and don’t want to deal with it. Unequal workloads for your children who take over your properties can cause strife among siblings. Do you want your next generation to inherit all the headaches or just the benefits?

In short, we solve big tax problems. Ordinary income, capital gains, passive income issues, or estate taxes.

We are NOT CPAs or Attorneys but just like your Primary Care doctor wouldn't treat you for Cancer but instead refer you to a specialist, an Oncologist. We work in the same way and are specialists when it comes to Tax Cancer!