Zach Harsh, President

Zach has had Real Estate in his blood since he was born. As a 3rd generation Real Estate investor, when he asked his dad for a bike his dad said “sure, go tear out the carpet and wash the walls at the rental and I’ll pay you more than your worth” But unfortunately for him, then the tables turned in high school because his dad never gave him a raise after he was proficient in most all of the trades. In 2009 Zach purchased a run-down and beat up 4-plex then a couple years later a neglected duplex in the Denver area. He has self managed and has just about seen it all, just ask him, he has stories.


After rehabbing and stabilizing the small multifamily assets he moved into buying and selling vacant land more or less full time in 2014 working directly with buyers and sellers. Zach loves adventure and exploration and each property was like a new adventure. He has bought and sold 100’s and 100’s of properties in 8 different states and moved 1000s of acres. He holds a large note portfolio from selling the land with seller financing. 


Next,  he decided to re-focus on his first love in Real Estate, multi-family apartment buildings. He then spent a couple years in the small to mid-level apartment syndication world learning how to analyze markets and underwrite deals.  He looked at 100’s and 100’s of properties, learned a ton but the more time he spent in the multifamily syndication world the more he saw how cutthroat it can be, how frothy the market was, and how few and far between the good sponsors and good deals are.


But then, in the process, he was introduced to a better way.  He was introduced to the world of institutional investing and billion dollar balance sheet sponsors.  One of the nation’s top financial and tax experts happened to be in the same education group and he reached out to Zach and showed him that there is a better way.  One where sponsors have over 100 years of experience on their management teams and aren’t guessing.  One where timing and deal flow is no longer a constraint.  One with 3rd party oversight where the sponsor can’t just make a couple changes to the assumptions and make any marginal deal look good.  


Through continuous coaching, education, and mentorship with a lifelong passion for real estate investing Zach has learned a better way to invest in Real Estate.  He is passionate about sharing this with fellow investors. But at the end of the day, it is not about making money. He enjoys this more than any other work. He loves putting together deals, talking to people, learning about their stories and making a difference in people’s lives. The stability of regular CashFlow, without all the headaches is precious and helping others benefit is an amazing blessing.


But the ability to give back is the biggest motivation. In land, he was able to help a lot of people through tithes and donations. Orphans in India and Africa, Pastors in the Philippines, and many ministries and missionaries. Helping the last and the least is the biggest motivation of all.