Answering Questions From New Apartment Building Buyers

apartment buildings

If investors would have anything in common, it’s probably the ability to take calculated risks and challenges that can show results. However, even beginners can feel like some feats can be a little too much, and getting an apartment building is one of them. It seems like it’ll be on a whole other scale compared to attaining and managing different types of real estate. 

However, it can be pretty rewarding to go through a complex, and it can be an excellent addition to the portfolio when pulled off. If you’re interested in buying and investing in an apartment building, here are some answers to common questions newbies may have. 

What Would Apartment Building Buying Entail?

In a short explanation, buying an apartment building is purchasing and taking ownership of a multifamily property in order to make an earning from it. It’s not as cutthroat, though, as there are a number of factors that every investor should consider.

The terms can be very different from each listing, and they would need to be assessed. Many questions can arise from this, such as what if you’re still managing more properties that still haven’t been sold? What if the apartment complex you’re eyeing is way too pricey and requires downpayment? What if the facilities and units aren’t enough to make back what you put down?

What’s The Cost For An Apartment Building?

It can really depend on the location and the size of the building that you want to get. If you’re in an area where the real estate market generally has high prices, expect somewhat of a higher cost than if you were to buy in a state that had lower-priced apartments and properties.

Small multifamily properties like a fourplex where four living units are next to each other are considered apartment buildings. They’re somewhat more bearable in expenses compared to apartment buildings that have about a hundred units. Plus, from 2020 to 2021, many of the apartment building prices have already dropped a little below a million dollars.

Would There Be A Return Of Investment?

There would definitely be a return of investment when you buy an apartment building, with a couple of conditions. How fast you make back the purchasing price can depend on the number of tenants that you can reel into the apartment’s various living units. The fewer living units and quality, the longer it can take to make everything back and make cash flow normal again.

Rental income is relatively abundant, though, as more homes are always needed. It’ll just be a case of marketing and screening the people who are going to live in your apartment. You can also gain some ROI when you write off the supposed interest for your real estate by devaluing current investments that you own. 


Getting an apartment building can definitely be a good move for your portfolio if you can afford the cost of one. Just be specific about what kind of complex you’re looking for and plan ahead about how you want to navigate the use of this multi-unit property. 

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