The Basic 3-Step Guide to Buying an Apartment Building

apartment complex

Entering multifamily real estate can be a lucrative move, but there’s a lot more investment on the line compared to buying single-family properties. You can lose a lot of money if you’re unsure of what you’re doing or how to get started. It’s a long way to go before splurging on a multifamily real estate space and making it available for rent to the market.

There’s a vast selection of real estate spaces. Choosing the right complex will make or break your success in the industry. Here’s a quick guide on what you should do before making the big purchase.

1. Work With Real Estate Experts

Getting a real estate professional will give you a lot of perks in multifamily real estate. A real estate expert will have connections in the industry. That network can provide you with access to a broader range of properties and a price you could bargain for.

Along with that, a real estate expert can give you their advice on the deal you will be making. Their expertise in property management and selling is unmatched as they have been involved in countless transactions. You can likely save more money and avoid any mistakes in the long run if you get a real estate company engaged from the beginning.

2. Set an Asset Criteria

Each investor has their own preferences for an apartment complex. The market you will reel in, from age to lifestyle, will wholly depend on the type of apartment building you will buy. Dictating a list of what you want in an apartment building will help you and your real estate expert narrow down the sites you’ll want to purchase.

Think of the location and size of that apartment complex. Your marketing and rent rate will depend on how big and where your apartment building will be. A few more factors you should include in the asset criteria are:

  • Amenities
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Renovation Opportunities
  • Potential and Desired Tenants

3. Going Through the Sale Process

The initial part of the sale process is viewing your options for multifamily real estate properties. Visit, inspect, and take notes of the different spaces so you can choose what seems to be the most ideal one for you. Your real estate expert will escort you every step of the way, including contracts.
After finally deciding on the multifamily real estate space, property sellers can have a real estate legal team ready for contracts. Your real estate expert will provide legal assistance and representation as you close the deal.

What Comes After?

Before you start focusing on getting residents, take a step back and see what’s possibly missing from your apartment building. The standard apartment complex usually has amenities such as a gym, a garden, and a swimming pool. These features are what usually attract tenants as they want their money’s worth.

You’ll need to navigate some facility plans and get construction in to liven the place up. With this additional work, you can increase your rental rate and make the building great to live in.


Getting into multifamily real estate and renting out an apartment complex generates a lot of profit and is sustainable after all the efforts. The key is to entrust your investment to the right people and the right places.

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