What Makes Owning an Apartment Complex a Good Investment

Investor looking at their finance data

One of the best ways to generate funds is to get into investments, particularly making investments in cash flow. When it comes to real estate, this is best achieved through making investments in properties for rent. Usually, people start through single-family rentals, and eventually, they decide to take it a step further. Taking on the ownership of an apartment complex building won’t just improve their cash flow; it will also help their overall net worth increase.

In terms of real estate, apartment complexes fall under the commercial category. This includes a rental property with at least five residential units. If you are currently one of the potential apartment buyers out there, here is a rundown of what makes owning an apartment complex a good investment:

Your cash flow will improve

As mentioned above, having an apartment complex will increase your cash flow considerably. Aside from earning more than you would if you had a rental property that’s residential, you will also earn much faster.

Your net worth will improve

When you have a building that’s considered multifamily, particularly in markets that are appreciating, there is no doubt your net worth will improve. This will lead you to investment opportunities that are more exclusive and much better financing terms. In the long run, this will help you along in terms of reaching financial goals on a personal level.

Your risk factor will lower considerably

Tenant turnover and vacancy are a killer problematic combination for many rental property owners. When you own a single property that ends up vacant for three months as it’s deep-cleaned and relisted, that’s three months of expenses. This will lead your overall return on investment (ROI) for the property to lower considerably. When there are several tenants in a single apartment, the cost and risk for tenant turnover or vacancies are better spread out.

You’ll be able to develop property management skills

No matter what kind of rental property a person owns, it is literally a requirement to have some kind of property management. This involves handling leases, rent collection, repair coordination, tenant communication, vacancies in the market, and the like.

You’ll have multiple income streams that are centralized

Instead of owning various residential properties for rent to hit a five-figure cash flow per month, have a single property—just the one building to maintain and take care of. This means you only have to deal with singular property insurance, and a single set of property taxes—all of this while being able to get a good amount of income from your rentals. 


Owning an apartment complex is a good investment to make when you’re looking to advance your real estate game. There is a lot of effort and time that goes into it, but the rewards are lovely. It affords a lot of conveniences, like having to deal with just one set of property taxes, as well as helping your net worth increase and considerably lower your real estate risk factors. 

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